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policies change in the early 2000s led to entering our publisher to field of fiction and also the publication of books for children and adolescents. So far, this publication has published 800 books in the field of Mahdism and Islamic education for adults, children and adolescents. Some of these books have been translated into other languages, including Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, and Thai, and distributed in Bahrain, Lebanon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Thailand, and Pakistan.

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General and Research

کتاب بروشور علمی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page20 Image1
Imam Mahdi from Born Until reappearance

The book of “Imam Mahdi from his birth to after his appearance” is a translation of the book “Al_Imam Al_Mahdi men Al_mahd ila Al_zohoor” by Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Qazvini. This book narrates the hadiths of Ahl al-Bayt(as) around Mahdism.

At the beginning of the book, Imam Zaman(aj) is briefly introduced, and after that, the good news of the Qur’an, the Prophet and the Imams(as) are given about him.

Then, from the birth of Imam Zaman(aj) until after his appearance, various issues is investigated. Issues such as: his mother, his birth, those who have seen him, the martyrdom of his father and the succession of him, his uncle Jafar, his special representatives during minor occultation, false claimants, those who have visited him in minor occultation and major occultation, the appearance and the materials related to the period of the appearance and the reign of him. At the end, a brief summary of the return and the verses and hadiths indicating this issue is presented. In each topic, this book has briefly quoted some of the related hadiths and elaborated on them.

کتاب بروشور علمی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page16 Image1
Al-Abqari Al-Hassan in the conditions of Maulana Sahib Al-Zaman (9 Volumes)

 Al-Abqari Al-Hassan in the conditions of Maulana Sahib Al-Zaman; Ayatullah Haj Shaykh Ali Akbar Nahavandi is a book in Farsi in nine volumes, about the thoughts and feelings of the Prophet Sahib Al-Zaman Mahdi. This book was written in 1985. According to the author, this book is the second volume of the second book of the author, “Anwar al-Mu’awab,” which is described in the words of the Prophet Velayu e Asr?

The first part of the book, called “Al-Afrar al-Azhdar fi Bisharat, is the name of the emergence of Al-Hayyat alMomenābar,” which includes the verses of the Qur’an and other celestial books, as well as some of the words of the priests and witches, as well as prophetic hadiths and news from the Imams. In the gospel of the advent of Imam Hojjat? Is. In the second part of the book, 45 Sunni scholars who believe in the birth and life of Hazrat Hojjat are mentioned. Does the third part include the appointment of a Mahdi? And some of the forms of existence, absence, and other features are magnificent. Also, the status of Mu’rimin and the elderly is classified in the order of one hundred twenty years to three thousand and eight hundred years. In this section, the absence of the great prophets of his people has also been spoken about. The fourth part, the name of a thousand or more than those who in any way from birth to author time, has succeeded in meeting that Imam, both in the dream, in the awakening, and in the universe of discovery and intuition. The fifth part of the book includes the excitement of excitement and the expression of signs of advent.

کتاب بروشور علمی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page8 Image1
 The advent of Imam Mahdi: From the perspective of Islam and the religions and nations of the world

 The study of the history of various human societies and the study of schools of thought throughout history shows that humans have always believed in a series of fundamental issues, where, as centuries of advent of new schools of thought and the emergence of tremendous transformations in science and industry, these tendencies change It does not remain and remains in its original form.

One of these issues is the belief in the emergence of a savior and universal scholar. Although the belief in the emergence of this savior in the apocalypse is more common among the followers of the divine religions, mankind has always been waiting for this reformer, and believes that one day this savior will come to an end and will end the abnormalities and injustice, and will make man He will lead to the goal and prosperity and perfection of his long-standing will. Seyyed Asadollah Hashemi Shahidi in this book has tried to persuade the savior and universal scholar in divine religions and different schools of thought, and to give an account of each one who, with this study, learns to believe in the emergence of savior and his expectation. The author, by providing evidence, points out that all these refer to one person, and he is the promised Mahdi of Islam.

کتاب بروشور علمی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page36 Image1
Waiting for savior in Abrahamic religions

Familiarity with the different dimensions of the personality and the teachings of the Prophet and the duties and characteristics of his expectations, not only socially and culturally necessary, but also is one of the important duties of each individual Abrahamic religion in belief. Each person has a duty to understand his savior and the duties and characteristics of his expectations with respect to his intellectual and scientific capacity, and he does not fail to perform his duties in relation to the Prophet.

Because despair and disappointment are rising from the material and arrogant powers of the world, the beliefs of all the worshipers of the savior, especially those who are educated in the mankind school of the Ahlul Bayt, are awesome. About the true scholar of the world, Hazrat Mahdi? Aj? Which comes from the verses of the Holy Qur’an and the words of the Messenger of Allah and the innocent leaders? Ah? It has come to the fore and other fronts, and from religious beliefs, it has become a universal aspiration for oppressed people in the world. It is hoped that this divine promise and this inner will of the people by overcoming the religion of the falsehood which the Holy Quran has promised has been achieved with the ultimate hand of God’s ultimate custody and mankind in the light of the just administration of Imam Mahdi? The way to prosperity and reach the ideal.

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The Prophecies From the apocalypse

One of the undeniable facts, the forefathers of the infallible Imams. About the fate of humanity in the afterlife and events before and after the emergence of the savior of the human world is the present book is seeking to predict the infallible Imams by using a new style, from a new angle and based on reliable sources (Shiite and Sunni). About the advent of the promised Mahdi, the events of this time and his apocalyptic helpers.

کتاب بروشور علمی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page34 Image1
Age of astonishment

The Shiite issue has been astonished many times during its life. Due to the fact that Shia organizes all aspects of his life depending on the opinion of his imam and his innocent leader, he has been confused at various times and has remained puzzled in choosing the path.

This astonishment can be found during the Waqfieh after the martyrdom of Imam Musa Kazim(as). Also, the death of Ismail, the eldest son of Imam Sadiq(as) and the movement of Seyyed Muhammad during the period of Imam Hadi(as) were the moments when Shiism faced challenges and found its way with the guidance of Imams.

Therefore, the issue of wandering in the knowledge of Imam al-Zaman(aj) is not a new issue and it had a history during the lifetime of the Imams(as) but in particular, Ahadith ,The period of occultation of Imam al-Zaman(aj) called the period of astonishment, and this astonishment had fluctuated in intensity and extent in different sections of age of occultaion and it had been far more than the period of Ahlul-Bayt presence .

Age of Astonishment authored by Mahmoud Motaharinia aims to express the characteristics of the Age of Astonishment and divide it into two periods; one _at the beginning of the minor occultation and the other it will takes place on the eve of the advent of Hazrat_Wali_Asr(aj). he will explain the ways to overcome the astonishment, especially in the period before the advent, and it will be a nudge to the Hazrat companions that to be careful of their religion in this chaotic market of the world, because many Shiites in different periods of vicissitudinous of this trend were left behind of Islamic governorship caravans and immersed in their own astonishment and have traveled the path towards to misguidance.

Of course, according to the various hadith that existed in Shia sources, and they have described _the astonishment before the advent_by far as more difficult and the tests of this age _by far as more severe. Strengthening the faith is quite difficult and important to deal with the ever-increasing astonishment.

کتاب بروشور علمی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page17 Image1
Answers to doubts and questions about theological issues

The most important principle in divine religions and, in a way, in the life of every human being, is the belief in the occult and supernatural origin of the universe of existence. The belief that it can not be proved by a purely transcendental hypothesis is because it requires distancing; therefore, it should prove this important issue through rational proofs.

 Ali Asghar Rezvani, whose majority of works have a theological theme, in the book “Theology and the Answers to the Doubts” have expressed the rational proofs in proving Allah and Allah, and then he has answered the doubts raised on this subject. After generalizing, he has written this book in four chapters: “The Way to Recognize God”, “Tawhid and Shirk,” “God’s attributes,” and “divine verbs.” One of the interesting points of the book is that perhaps the public of the Prophets will eventually be familiar with the three proofs, such as the proof of nature, order, causality, and guidance, but in this book, there are 15 proofs for the recognition of God.

کتاب بروشور علمی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page6 Image1 1
New and Comprehensive Research in the Field of Mahdism

His book is the result of the implementation, adjustment, and editing of audio files on Mahdism that Mahdi Tayeb has written over courses in many years and has been published in the form of books by adding notes to it. The “World’s Spirit”, which has been compiled by a mystical approach to Mahdism, contains eight chapters with the following titles: “Believing the Savior in Relatives; Other Religions and Classes”; “Mahdism, the common belief of all Islamic religions”; “Mahdism in the field of mysticism”; “Hazrat Mahdi”; “Absence and visitation “; “Shia in the time of absence”; “Age of Advent”; “The words of Hazrat Mahdi”.

کتاب بروشور علمی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page3 Image1
Islamology and the Answers to Doubts

Pluralism is derived from the word “plural”, which in English means “sum”, and its meaning is in words, Plural and Multiplicity. In a Christian church, “pluralists” have been referred to people who have had several jobs simultaneously. In pluralism, there are many different meanings in which it is difficult to find common meaning for all of them. However, the most common meaning of pluralism is “the plurality of religions of the truth.” 

Some people have said that pluralism should be called pluralism. There is a certain difference between the terminology and the termination of pluralism. The term pluralism was first introduced by Western philosopher Hermann Touted (1881-1881), the German philosopher and naturalist, in the year of 1841 in his book, “Metaphysics”, in order to illustrate the plurality of elements and factors in nature entered the western philosophy. He believed that the objects of the universe were diminishing, but they were influenced and interacting on each other; therefore, they were not independent, since the influence of the individual on the independent individual no longer matters; therefore, they have a spiritual connection.


کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page13 Image1
Stories from Imam al-zaman

In the tracks of Ahl al-Bayt, We find a lot of informative storytelling that is very useful and effective in using education in the general public, especially young people. The present work has also been gathered in the same direction; the author is dedicated to promoting the culture of Mahdism and the publication of the teachings of Imam Mahdi.

Collecting and translating 139 of the books from the Book of Bihar Al-Anwar, volumes 52 ,51 and 53 of that book which is related to Imam Mahdi. One of the goals of Jamkaran Book Publishing House is the revival of the teachings of Imam Mahdi And publishing the culture of Mahdism, so we decided to publish the present work after research, correction, and editing.

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page30 Image1
Stories from the Imam Mahdi’s goodness

 Recourse to Imams’ household has a special place in Islamic society and resort to Imam Mahdi. According to narratives, our actions are reported twice a week to him, that makes it special. The book is the descriptions of the merits and implications of that Imam, who with the permission of God Almighty, have been present everywhere among their holy believers.
This book contains seven stories in the following titles:
1. Close proximity; 2. A man’s word; 3. A hidden companion; 4. Disobedient Ismail; 5. A perfume of presence; 6. A rescue trip; 7. A sultan of the sky.

Part of the book

With eyes full of tears left the library, I felt close to him, remembering he had conquered all my heart, I had a happy moment. His kindness was the first thing that comes to my mind when I remembered Beijing’s meeting, gentleman’s picture who was kind to me appear to mind. I was more eager to see him. I sat down on the bench next to the lawns in the courtyard of the Faculty of Literature at the University of Tehran. I decided to return to China shortly after I was finished and to be a great missionary in the great country of China. A missionary whose heart is filled with the love of Imam Mahdi and has no place for anything else.

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page7 Image1
I like flying with paramotor

Every teenager has many dreams in his mind and some of them are very serious and he tries to fulfill them. Dreams that make future for teenagers. Now let’s suppose that in the way of realizing this dream, our teenager should make a choice and according to that main dream try different situation and then choose the most important one, When the will and senses of the teenager are tested , Adolescence and youth are the age of big choices .

When teenager being tested that another will and put itself in the teenager’s way and he is in a dilemma. Choosing between two good things. Now, if the second choice is related to the other than of himself, it becomes even more difficult to decide.

Abbas, a teenager boy who works in a car repair shop, have dreams of flying with a paramotor and tries to achieve it .Until his condition is tested by a bigger choices.

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page26 Image1
A drama about the birth of Imam Mahdi

The play “Mofrad Mozakkar Qaeb” is the life of Melika or Narjes Khatun Dear Imam of Asr’s (aj) mother. This drama is about her acquaintance with an Arab maid: who has the task of teaching Arabic language and is a liaison to interpret Melika’s dreams and familiarize her more with the Ahl al-Bayt family (as) and finally, marriage with majesty Imam Hasan Askari (as). Ali Mo’azzeni portrays very well the dialogues with a sweet language and a story in the mind of the reader and he examine the concerns and emotional conditions of show people meticulously. Ali Mo’azzeni was honored with the book “Mofrad Mozakkar Qaeb” in Biennial Festival of Mahdavi Book ,as the first place in the literary section.

Part of the book

 Melika: Should I not satisfy of whom buy me? (The man who looks at her is approaching.)
Amrv: Maybe no one is not good in your opinion. What should we do?
Man: hello to Amrv Ibn Yazid. (Amrv is accurate and recognizes him and stand up happily)
Amrv: Al-Salam, the Excellency Boshr Ibn Solomon
Boshr: she looks like Roman. (Amrv does not answer)
Man: how much is her?
Amrv: (unsure) three hundred!
Boshr: What is your name, my sister?
Amrv: (with craze) Narjes!
Boshr: If she is a Roman, why her name is Narjes?
Amrv: Name is the name Excellency Boshr! A door can not be open and close at the same time.
Boshr brings out a letter…
Melika: (to Amrv) be glad I found my owner.

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page35 Image1
Mohammad javad and Ilya`s Sword

This book is a fantasy narrative of a religious adventure. Mohammad Javad, who enters the basement of their house in search of traces of aliens, meets a bird in the corner of the basement and among the book cartons, which takes him to many complex adventures.

The main feature of the novel “Mohammed Javad and Shamshir Ilia” is its approach to the Quran. An approach whose novelty and original is its main feature. Mohammad Javad goes to the Qur’an Garden and meets many characters there; Characters who each change a part of Mohammad Javad’s existential essence.

The fantasy atmosphere of the book is completely Iranian and local. The author has made a lot of efforts to go beyond the western spaces and reach a native model to create an Iranian-Islamic fantasy. In fact, it can be said that “Mohammed Javad and Shamsir Ilia” is the first fantasy novel with the approach of teaching Quranic concepts. The author has made a lot of efforts to narrate a good story, a story that not only does not suffer from misunderstanding but also takes the story to deeper intellectual layers.

Fatemeh Masoudi has used formed elements and fantasy content well and has shown that through a kind of realism that is based on religious and holy concepts, useful words can be said for today’s children and teenagers.

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page17 Image1
Red Carol of a Pomegranate

This book contains a long story based on one of the meetings of people with Imam Mahdi In eight chapters, the principle of this incident is mentioned in the book “Bahar Al-Anwar”, which shows the dignity of the Ahl al-Bayt and especially Imam Mahdi to people. This book deals with the story of the advent of pomegranate and the trick of the minister in using this fruit to destroy the Shia, and detailed and expresses the story of the pomegranate and the Shia’s troubles and the help of Imam Mahdi.

Part of the book

 Sheikh Zakir is obligated me to write this tale and publish it in many copies, send it to other Muslims in other cities, so that everyone can understand that we were able to get the revenues from our love to Imams and to know what a great tribulation we got rid of. It is also obligatory for you to publish it after reading it so that this great adventure will expand. This is all Imam Mahdi wants. That is, on the Day of Resurrection, a way of salvation will be for all of us. Insha’Allah. It is mentioned in the final part of the book, “The ruler named the twelve Shia Imams and testified to their rightfulness. We came out with the Sheikh from the ruling palace. We do not say a word till the Sheikh’s house. He took my arm. His face was calm and his eyes were shining. I said: “I doubt that I deserve it.” He kissed my shoulder and said: Who is more worthy than you, who is also a book reader, you have nice handwriting, and the most important thing is that you are the mediator of this great grace. I said: (I try to write that it should …), he took my hand and said: write down your feelings in every moment. From the first day to now. Let everyone who read the story recognize that who the true believer is? “

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page28 Image1
Kinder than mother

Part of the book

It was Friday, and the sun had just spread its golden light everywhere. “Incidentally, I do not get it at all, I do not know what am I doing to him that he does not talk to me,” Siamak said. Jawad: When you do not say Hello to a servant who is old and do not treat respectful, how do you hope him to talk to you? Siamak: No! He does about these things at all. He does not like me.  

Javad: You make a mistake Son, if you do not believe, let’s try. Siamak: How? Jawad: Are not you going to shop from him? Siamak: sometimes. Jawad: Well, today, when you want to go shopping, when you arrive go to the store, say Hello.Siamak: he is so proud and I do not like proud people.Jawad: how do you know he is proud. Know that you make a mistake. – Jawad! Just let it go. – enough, now try it. It is not difficult for you. There was no time until noon when Siamak’s mother called him to buy a bucket of yogurt. Jawad realized that this is a suitable situation. “Good, now go to the Mashti Gholam’s store.”

Children and Adolescents

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page15 Image1 Page22 Image1
Animal complaints against bureaucracy

 The story of the teenage humor “The day the forest animals settled complaints” is the story of the forest animals that have lost their lives due to the development of cities and wildlife in the forest, and they want to sue the perpetrators to solve this problem. This tale of humorous language attempts to exaggerate the exaggeration of some of the administrative procedures of human societies. A joke on the subject of a resistance economy on the edge of a razor. The issue of resilient economy is, on the one hand, the order of the elders, and on the other hand, the emergence of a resilient economy is due to the fact that Iran is a very unhealthy economy, and I think one of the reasons that the supreme leader raised the issue of resistance economics is the same unhealthy. I also took this unhealthy line and continued the humor.

Part of the book

Passed and passed. Several years passed. The forest was the same forest and the same builder. The jungle animals, whose blood had been boiling, gathered one day to pick up delegates and send them to the city to lodge complaints from construction companies that had turned the forest into a garden. At the same time, it was common sense that Mr. Elephant should go to this high-risk mission. “Now, what exactly should I complain about?” Said Mr.Fille.
– from the manager of a construction company called Bebor o Bebabr. Well, what’s the name of the company’s director?
– Jungle-born Lion!

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page15 Image1 Page6 Image1
 Bed Time Stories For Kids

 One of the ways to strengthen family ties is to accompany children to parents, and when it comes to children’s playfulness, it is a good time for children to give some gifts to the children by doing some kind of storytelling so that they can have a better relationship with their parents by sleeping. Short stories that convey simple concepts to kids. Traditional Storybook is a collection of short stories that teach children everyday and educational issues and behavior in the form of story and imagination.

Part of the book

 Venus and Parviz played. They heard the sound of “Wiz Weis”. Parviz asked: “What was the voice?” Parviz and Zohreh followed the call. They asked Mom how this Wizz wiz came from. Mom came and looked into the window. One bee was stuck behind the glass window. Mom said, “This is the sound of a poor bee.” Parviz drove Megaskish to kill the bee; but the mom said, “No, this little petite does not do anything. Lost his way Do not hurt it.” Mom opened the window. The bee happy with Parviz, Venus andMom, and wizard once a week and went out. Zohre asked, “Mom! Why did the whole beehive Wiz Wiz? ” Mom said, “He thanked us with his visions, because We saved him. “

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page15 Image1 Page18 Image1
 Shape of Shark

Teaching religious concepts and lifestyles for children sometimes needs to be expressed indirectly, indecently, and allegorically. Such as teaching social concepts that the child does not even have an understanding of. One of these concepts, which has a social continuity and all religious trails and values, is the subject of the unity and integrity of Muslims and people against external threats and enemies.

To the extent that God in verse 60 of Surah Al-Anfal orders people to unite and equip themselves against the enemy to frighten this enemy’s behavior and enemy of God; The book “Shark Shape” is written with a view to educating the child and paying attention to the issue of unity. Under the sea, the fish have a good life, but they find the eightpoint who harasses them every day and even eats them. Until the mind reaches the smallest fish and makes the fish save.

Part of the book

Octopus arrived at the fish’s place. It’s a great and strange shark. Very scared and ran away. He went to the fish and said with a laugh, “Ah your neighbors! Ah, friends! Octopus was afraid and went. “ From then on, Octopus did not dare to hurt the fish. Fish also learned to always be together to have a better life.

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page15 Image1 Page20 Image1
 How upset Ms. Narenji?

The story of the kids of a class who do not have all the teacher’s air and their teacher’s displeasure with their behaviors! Children who do not respect their teacher’s status and respect and do not hear from him. Then with a problem, another teacher is not at their disposal! What do babies do now? Yes, they decide to go for their own teacher. This book reminds the concept of the need for the guardian and the need for proper treatment with the guardian and indirectly, but the Imam and the children remind him that if he does not have to go to him. However, some of the equations in the story space are different. But the principle is the relationship between people and their leader…

Part of the book

The kids were blown away saying that the teacher was angry at you because you knocked at the tail. The cold also told them that all of you mistreated the teacher. The teacher’s depression lasted for a few days. Even one or two times got together. All the kids were upset and, of course, polite and calm. On the way home, glasses told the mice that her sister was a student of psychology and said that she had been depressed from her children. The kids got very upset. They discussed them together. Each one missed the teacher’s throat at his friend’s neck and said that you had a teacher’s illness. “It does not make any sense,” Kepple said. Each of us in the classroom has unhealthy behaviors. Instead of discussing, we need to think about something. “

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page15 Image1 Page32 Image1
History of Slaves

“This book, the slaughter of free humans, dates back to the length of the history of human life, but in the contemporary era, the capitalism of the vampire that was formed in the West, has become so widespread in this ugly case and has slave the whole world indirectly through the slashing of colored people. And their affiliates. The industry needed to consume, and black slaves devoted their lives and lives to the production of high-quality products: sugar, coffee, cotton, tea, rice, tobacco.

Part of the book  From the day the seamen occupied the Portuguese and Spanish, they built their first colonies on the new continent, everything was bitter for the indigenous people, and this bitterness continued with the exploitation and destruction of many generations of Africans. From the day the seamen occupied the Portuguese and Spanish, they built their first colonies on the new continent, everything was bitter for the indigenous people, and this bitterness continued with the exploitation and destruction of many generations of Africans. By translating existing sources, and in most cases by stating the untold stories of history, this book has tried to narrate the great tribulation that has been inflicted on many human beings in the world. The people who were the victims of the monstrosity and grudge of the European and American traders and capitalists.

کتاب بروشور داستانی تا پایان تابستان 97 نسخه انگلیسی Page15 Image1 Page34 Image1
 I love my family

 A book to introduce children to the concept of family and to strengthen family ties through education and stories, and activities such as painting and photographing. So that the children become more aware of their family with more practical measures and tighten their family ties and put their siblings together with a book.